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Reg A Marketing: Navigating Securities Offerings for Success

Understanding Regulation A and Regulation CF

Delve into the nuances of securities offerings with Kubera Technologies Holdings. We unravel the distinctions between Regulation A and Regulation CF, both vital regulations under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), shaping the landscape of public offerings for businesses.

Key Differences:

1.Offering Size:

  • Regulation A: Up to $50 million in a 12-month period.
  • Regulation CF: Limited to $5 million in a 12-month period.

2.Investor Eligibility:

  • Regulation A: Open to accredited and non-accredited investors.
  • Regulation CF: Exclusive to non-accredited investors.

3.Disclosure Requirements:

  • Regulation A: In-depth offering statement filing with the SEC.
  • Regulation CF: Simplified Form C filing with less extensive information.

4.Ongoing Reporting:

  • Regulation A: Mandatory annual and semi-annual reports.
  • Regulation CF: Annual reports only.

5.Investment Limits:

  • Regulation A: No limits for accredited investors; non-accredited investors capped at 10% of net worth or annual income.
  • Regulation CF: Limited investment amount based on income and net worth.

In essence, while Regulation A offers a more complex and costly approach, Regulation CF emerges as an accessible and affordable option, particularly for smaller businesses seeking capital.

Company Requirements for a Regulation A Offering

Explore the possibilities of a Regulation A offering with Kubera Technologies Holdings. Unveil the prerequisites for filing under this SEC exemption, ensuring a seamless journey into the realm of public offerings.


1.Eligible Issuers:

  • Organized in the United States or Canada.
  • Not subject to Securities Exchange Act reporting requirements.
  • Not a blank check company or an investment company.
  • Not disqualified by the SEC.

2.Offering Limits:

  • Tier 2 offering: Up to $75 million in a 12-month period.
  • Tier 1 offering: Up to $20 million in a 12-month period.

3.Disclosure Requirements:

  • Comprehensive offering statement, including financials and business operations.
  • Ongoing reports to the SEC, including annual and semi-annual reports.

4.Investor Limits:

  • Individual investor limit: 10% of the greater of annual income or net worth.

5.State Securities Law Compliance:

  • Comply with state securities laws in each state where securities are offered and sold.

Embark on a Regulation A journey with us, where compliance meets opportunity.

Successful Regulation A Offerings: Realizing Potential

Discover success stories in the realm of Regulation A offerings. Kubera Technologies Holdings sheds light on notable achievements, showcasing the viability of this SEC provision for companies aiming to raise substantial capital.

Notable Offerings:

1.Elio Motors (2015):

  • Raised over $17 million for an affordable three-wheeled vehicle.

2.Myomo (2016):

  • Tier II offering raised $5.0 million for myoelectric prosthetic devices.

3.ShiftPixy (2017):

  • Raised $12 million for staffing services in the hospitality industry.

4.Med-X (2019):

  • Raised $4 million for cannabis-related products and services.

Success in a Regulation A offering hinges on factors like financials, market conditions, and investor interest. Explore the potential with Kubera Technologies Holdings.

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