T Medical Group is a multichannel digital health technology company, building a portfolio of subsidiary businesses. T Medical takes ownership and operation of cutting-edge virtual and outpatient health centres, harnessing advanced digital health technologies to deliver all-encompassing and convenient healthcare solutions.


Telaleaf Health is a web and mobile app that seamlessly connects individuals with board-certified physicians specializing in cannabis medicine. Through virtual medical visits, patients receive personalized treatment plans, medical follow-ups, and expert guidance related to their specific health conditions. Telaleaf is led by world-renowned medical cannabis expert Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, who brings over 20 years of unmatched clinical expertise to deliver the highest standard of care to patients and the highest level of education to Telaleaf doctors.


As a 24/7 service, Telapet offers unlimited access to a dedicated team of telehealth specialists for veterinary care for only $9.99/month. Pet owners can engage in real-time phone or video consultations via their mobile devices or computers. Telapet assists with various concerns, such as obtaining a second opinion, understanding whether immediate emergency room care is required, addressing behavioral issues, and discussing training and overall pet wellness.

Market Opportunity In Germany & Europe

The demand for alternative treatment options for patients with lifestyle disorders is on the rise, creating a unique opportunity for medical cannabis. Germany has witnessed a significant increase in cannabis flower sales, and by 2024, the European medical cannabis market is projected to reach €7.7B. However, there's a high unmet need for prescribed access due to doctors' reluctance and reimbursement challenges. Telemedicine can be a game-changer, connecting patients with specialized physicians and offering personalized treatment plans, overcoming geographical barriers, and unlocking the potential of this rapidly growing market.

Market Opportunity In The United States

The telemedicine veterinary services market in the USA is rapidly expanding, with a market size of $215 million in 2021 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.3% from 2021 to 2026. Pet owners are increasingly embracing virtual consultations for their pets, seeking convenient and accessible healthcare options. Telemedicine provides 24/7 access to dedicated telehealth specialists, addressing various pet healthcare needs, including medical advice, second opinions, behavioral consultations, and general wellness guidance. This lucrative market presents a prime opportunity for veterinary professionals to tap into a growing segment, revolutionize pet healthcare delivery, and meet the evolving demands of modern pet owners across the U.S.


Telaleaf will be expanding into EU countries with medical cannabis and conventional medical programs, providing convenient access to consultations and prescriptions through its innovative platform, making it the first multi-modality, comprehensive EU-wide telemedicine service.


$500,000 USD note at 12.5% interest rate per annum
1 year note or successful REG A Offering
50% warrant coverage at the REG A offering price (2 year warrant)

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